Enter to win! One of your students could win a $1000 scholarship! Brought to you by SimpleTuition's SmarterBucks - the rewards program that pays down your student loans

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About the contest

You heard us right—we’re giving away a $1,000 scholarship. Not only that, but the winning school gets to pick one of their students to receive the award! Imagine the difference that money could make for one lucky college-bound dreamer. Plus it’s fast, easy, and free to enter. The contest runs from Sept 24th to Nov 26th. All school administrators at high schools or colleges are eligible.

About SmarterBucks

SmarterBucks, created by SimpleTuition, is a revolutionary rewards program that helps anyone with student debt. How? By helping them earn rewards on the money they're already spending. Those rewards are then used to make extra payments on their student loans.