Gifted rewards  

When a SmarterBucks member with a Gifter account earns rewards on behalf of a standard SmarterBucks member, we call their rewards "gifted"—that is, one SmarterBucks member gives the rewards they earn to another member. Usually family and friends will earn rewards on behalf of someone they know and care about.

Gifters can earn rewards by shopping in our online SmarterBucks Marketplace (using any credit or debit card), making purchases (both in-store and online) with their Radius Bank debit card, or completing SmarterBucks Surveys.

Student and family

Here's how it works

  • Ask your family and friends to sign up for a SmarterBucks Gifter account
  • Your Gifter(s) can then declare you as their recipient through their SmarterBucks dashboard—it's as easy as sending an electronic invitation
  • You accept that invitation, which you will receive by email or when you next log in to your SmarterBucks account
  • We'll automatically transfer their rewards into your SmarterBucks account once every month